As Opera has been free for a while, I have decided to give it a go. I have been thinking about trying it out for a while, but I was put off by the adverts – and I didn’t really want to pay for a browser. But now it’s free, so I downloaded a copy.

Obviously, being Norwegian I am patriotic by nature, so the fact that Opera is from Norway is going to be a plus in my book, and I’m very impressed so far. I love the voice thing, even though it takes up extra space on the computer. I haven’t got a microphone, so I haven’t tried out the voice commands yet, but I have had my computer read me the news while I was doing the ironing, which was quite cool… Also, getting it to read pages not in English produces hilarious results…

I’m not sure what I think about the layout yet, it seems a little messy, but it can be customised so I’m sure I’ll be able to tweak it a little. There’s loads of skins available as well, so you can really personalise it. I don’t think it has extensions like firefox, but I use both browsers, so it doesn’t really matter that much. And I find that having a lot of extensions in firefox tends to slow it down a lot anyway. 

One of the coolest things about Opera has to be sessions though. If you have a lot of pages you often visit, you can open them all in different tabs, and save it as a session. That way, you can go to open session next time you want those pages, and as if by magic – there they all are!

I haven’t tried the mail function yet (I’m too attached to my Outlook), so I can’t say anything about that, but it has a built in rss-feed reader, which is good. (Although I’m testing out searchfox rss for that as well). 

So all in all, I think Opera is great. It has all the must have functions like tabbed browsing, integrated search and pop-up blocker, and it has a few really cool extras like the voice thing, and sessions. The only problem so far has been the lack of capability with the fancy post-editor here at wordpress.com… So what are you waiting for? Download it. Now.


3 Responses to “Opera”

  1. Bryan Says:

    Whoa, so Opera has a problem with the WYSIWYG editor here? I didn’t know that – I thought Matt and the crew were just messing with the code. Doh! Thanks for the clarification. I’m still trying it anyway. 🙂

  2. Antibush Says:

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