Fun with Googlism – what does google think about you?

Via Lorelles Blog, I came across a link to Googlism, where you can see what google thinks about you. Below are the highlights of what google thinks about me – my favourites in bold.

kristine is the most wonderful girl in all
kristine is a blog
kristine is getting ready for the 1999 women’s world cup
kristine is a keeper of the past
kristine is also the liaison to various united nations agencies
kristine is a superstar for this team
kristine is a sweetheart
kristine is throwing a big party to celebrate the success she has enjoyed during the year
kristine is trapped in the year 1871 and there is no sign of christina who is still missing
kristine is the best
kristine is the most wonderful girl in all the worlds
kristine is wonderful
kristine is one of the lucky few who don’t get any
kristine is such a good actress
kristine is duped by lawyer robert redford in order than he may steal some files relating to a case he’s working on
kristine is a fine energy source
kristine is going to shut the fuck up now because her site is officially full of bullshit
kristine is the webmistress of love
kristine is abducted and sealed up in an old trunk
kristine is stronger than ever
kristine is really happy now that she has collected all the moomin (what??)



3 Responses to “Fun with Googlism – what does google think about you?”

  1. wellwisher Says:

    That is hilarious – and some of the answers I got were plain spooky! Thank you!

  2. collinsom92 Says:

    unfortunately,googlism knows nothing about me!but googzilla will eventually know more about us than we know of!

  3. Enactor Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Enactor.

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