Good luck Katie..

So Katie Holmes is having Tom Cruices baby – the “saving yourself for marriage”-thing went out of the window then. But then again, who can blame her… She is after all going out with Tom Cruice, and even though he is a bit of a freak, he is a hot freak. I certainly wouldn’t be saving myself for anything if I was going out with him (although, in my case, it might be a little late for the saving anyway).

Appearantly, because of the scientology-thing she is not allowed to have any painkillers during the birth, and she is not allowed to scream. Good luck, Katie. I speak from experience – I gave birth to my daughter without drugs (unless you count gas and air, but all that seemed to do was make me want to throw up) and being quiet was certainly not an option… In fact, I’d be surprised if anyone in the whole country failed to hear me. The silence thing is supposed to protect the baby from stress during the birth, but I reckon it’s a rule made up by scientology men who doesn’t want to be shouted at (i.e “you asshole, this is all your fault”) during the birth. Idiots. Scream your heart out, I say. It helps.


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