More TV

I’m still watching Veronica Mars, and I’m liking it more and more. I have missed out a couple of episodes due to Living TV’s ridiculous scheduling (every day is just stupid..) But yesterday’s episode was quite enjoyable – and the teacher man seemed quite familiar.. I could be wrong, but is it the boss from 21 Jump street? I used to love that show when I was younger, I remember it used to be on just after I got home from school, and I have seen every episode several times, as my best friend taped all of them.. Unfortunately she has since taped over them and I haven’t seen it for years – and that is probably a good thing, it may have lost some of it’s magic as I have gotten older. Although I wouldn’t bet on it, I still love cheesy American teen dramas. And Johnny Depp is still hot. I did see a box set in HMV the other day, perhaps I should invest..

 21 Juumpstreet




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